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LPython is an ahead-of-time compiler for Python, built using the Abstract Semantic Representation (ASR) technology. Part of the LCompilers collection.

LPython is written in C++, and it has multiple backends to generate code, including LLVM and C++. The compiler has been open-sourced under the BSD license, available at github.com/lcompilers/lpython. It is designed as a library with separate building blocks – the parser, Abstract Syntax Tree [AST], Abstract Semantic Representation [ASR], semantic phase, codegen – that are all exposed to the user or developer in a natural way to make it easy to contribute back. It works on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. The speed of LPython comes from the high-level optimizations done at the ASR level, as well as the low-level optimizations that the LLVM can do. In addition, it is remarkably easy to customize the backends.

It is in heavy development, currently in pre-alpha stage, and aims to give the best possible performance for array-oriented code. Remarks and suggestions are very welcome.

Any questions? Ask us on Zulip project chat or our mailing list.

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